First-Time Home Seller Tips

April 1, 2019


Everywhere you look there are blogs, posts and articles about first-time home buyers. And why wouldn’t there be? You were there once too. It’s an exciting time in a person’s life, but it’s also a time filled with lots of questions and confusion. So it’s only appropriate that there would be an absurd amount of information available.

But what about first time home sellers? You’re important too!

There are so many questions to answer: How much do I sell for? When should I sell? Do I need to make improvements first? Who do I list my home with? (OK, we both know that’s the easiest of them all!)

Still, there are many things for you to consider when listing your home for sale. That’s where the knowledge and experience of a qualified realtor like myself comes into play to make your life as stress-free as possible during the entire process.

Here are 3 of my best tips that I give to my clients selling their home for the first time (and almost every time):

  1. Pricing Matters – Accurate pricing is the ultimate key to selling your home. Very rarely will your home sell for what you “think” its worth or what your neighbor’s home sold for 3 years ago. I provide my clients with a comprehensive report that includes comparisons of recent nearby home sales that takes into consideration several factors like improvements, age, location and more.
  2. Home Staging – Looking to boost your selling power and appeal? Home staging is a great way to do so. Hiring professional home stagers is an important investment so that potential buyers are able to envision your home as their own. Even a simple coat of paint can be an immense addition to your selling power. Don’t let dings in the woodwork or scraps on the walls make your home reflect deferred maintenance and allow any doubt into buyers’ minds.
  3. Be Flexible With Home Showings – While I realize it can be an inconvenience sometimes, it’s important to realize that many buyers will have similar schedules to yours. Therefore, after work hours and weekends are the times when they will spend viewing homes – including yours. Portraying a flexible attitude in showings not only allows more buyers to view your home, but it is also an indication to these buyers that you will be easy to work with down the road when it comes to negotiations.


These three tips are just a small sampling of the information I provide my clients when selling their home. I provide my clients the highest level of service that allows them to focus on their priorities while I make their home my priority.

Call me today to learn more about how my services, including my unique marketing methods and strategies, can sell your home in record time!