Tips For A Productive Workspace

As more and more teams are shifting to remote work from home, employees are preparing dedicated spaces for their daily operations. A current study showed that 65% of its respondents reported being more productive from home than a traditional office spaces. There are many variable that could play into this ...

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Have You Considered Selling Your Home?

You’ve probably heard “there’s no better time than now” to sell your home lately, and there’s definitely some truth in that. Timing is one of the most significant factors of real estate and one of the most commonly asked questions for realtors: Should I sell my home now or wait? ...

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Set Yourself Up For Successful Video Calls

Now that we are a solid 7 months into the pandemic, many of us have come to accept the fact that we will be working from home for longer than expected. While this may be relief to some, it has become a burden to many as they set up their ...

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