Tips For A Productive Workspace

October 29, 2020

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As more and more teams are shifting to remote work from home, employees are preparing dedicated spaces for their daily operations. A current study showed that 65% of its respondents reported being more productive from home than a traditional office spaces.

There are many variable that could play into this increase in productivity, but many believe it has to do with having fewer distractions, less commute stress and more personal space and choices – and yes, that includes a new dress code that includes pajamas!

So if you are trying to plan out your perfect workspace at home to be most efficient and productive, here are a few tips that may help you along the way:


Invest In a Proper Chair

One of the most important investments you can make into your home office is a comfortable chair. Since you will spend several hours of the day in your chair, it’s imperative that your chair supports the proper ergonomics for your physical health and comfort. Investing in a good one will undoubtedly make a notable difference to your daily work life.


Use A Second Monitor

If you ever needed a productivity superpower, advantageous digital devices like a second monitor would be one of them. Using an additional screen can make numerous tasks much easier and more approachable. Juggling windows and programs can be overwhelming, so this investment will save you time and stress. It is particularly helpful for virtual presentations and other multi-tasking purposes.


Showcase Green Life

Adding some green plants and even simple flowers to your office space will not only add some color but help your overall health! Studies have shown that even a few additional plants in your space can increase your happiness and reduce stress. It has even shown to increase productivity by as much as 15%! Be sure to select a low maintenance plant with good air filtering qualities like a ficus or Boston fern.


Proper Lighting

The level of lighting in your space will drastically affect your productivity, so it’s important to have a good balance of natural and ambient lighting. Natural light is important for visibility as well as productivity which has been known to improve by 40% in workplaces with increased natural light. But since not every space offers such luxury, LEDs provide soft lighting in the day and night. You can also add a high-quality desk/floor lamp by your workplace.


A Touch of Personality and Décor

It may seem obvious, but even science shows that a warm and welcoming environment will increase productivity. And before COVID, the majority of professional employees in past studies have emphasized the importance of a warm and inviting setting as it relates to their workspace.  There is a psychology to colors that involves using specific shades to instill specific moods and inspirations. Shades of yellow, orange and red are used to induce energy, while avoiding dark and dull colors that can bring you down.