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Home Warranties – Do You Need One?

Almost everything we purchase today comes with some sort of warranty – but have you ever read the fine print? We buy insurance for our cars, homes, and expensive toys – but have you ever used it? These are the just some of the thoughts that race through the mind ...

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New Trends in Luxury Real Estate

Buyers looking for luxury real estate – usually defined as homes over $1 million – are usually drawn to the northern Palm Beach and Martin County areas. Our local area boasts an unparalleled amount of luxury living options from sprawling country estates to waterfront mansions to high-rise condos. While there ...

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First-Time Home Seller Tips

Everywhere you look there are blogs, posts and articles about first-time home buyers. And why wouldn’t there be? You were there once too. It’s an exciting time in a person’s life, but it’s also a time filled with lots of questions and confusion. So it’s only appropriate that there would ...

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