With Appreciation To Essential Workers…

May 5, 2020

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We have experienced a completely different world over the past month – one that no one could have imagined. But through this time, it has become quite clear who the real heroes in our world are – and they don’t always wear capes.


It’s the medical workers on the frontlines fighting this disease and those who are doing everything they can to prevent it.

It’s the first responders working overtime to attend to the sick and keep us safe.

It’s the factory workers and farmers still working day and night to fill product demands.

It’s the truckers, grocery workers, and delivery drivers that put food on our tables.

It’s the military services both on our land and overseas protecting our freedoms.

It’s the sanitary and utility workers keeping our communities operating safely.

It’s everyone who is working to keep things going during these trying times.


With my deepest appreciation and gratitude, I thank every essential worker in our community and throughout our nation who continues to provide for us during these times.  I am also grateful for their families who undoubtedly make personal sacrifices to afford for these services.

You are the true heroes of our day!

Thank You!