Tips on Moving To A New Location

December 2, 2018

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Thinking About Moving To A New City? Here’s What You Need To Know!


Whether you are moving to a new location for family, career or even just a change of scenery, there are certain steps you will want to take before doing so. The number one action step you need to take is RESEARCH. You just simply cannot do enough research on a place before making a big move!

And since the internet can be a bit overwhelming with so much information at your fingertips, I’ve narrowed down a few things that you should keep at the top of your priority list.

  1. Research the geographic area – Google Maps can be instrumental in showing you satellite views of the area you want to move to and its surrounding areas. Is it important for you to be close to shopping centers, a park or the gym? Map out your most frequently visited locations and compare it to the vicinity of where you want to live. Check the traffic at different times of the day as well.
  2. Research local activities and events/festivals – Many areas have added great events and activities to the area for their local residents and to attract tourists as well. Find out if any events exist that you would definitely want to be close to, and perhaps even those that you may want to stay away from. It’s also a great way to get family and friends to visit!
  3. Research the costs of living – Many people think primarily of rent, mortgage and insurance costs when moving to a new city. However, your every-day items can also be affected including groceries, medical facilities, gas and more. You should run a cost analysis to make sure the new location fits within your budget for monthly and daily costs.


I mentioned before that this stage in the real estate process can be overwhelming at times. But the great news is – you have me! I have access to several tools and digital platforms that can provide research, statistics and more that you may not easily find elsewhere online. I am here to help you with your decision to move – or even stay!