The Sawfish Bay Marine Restoration Project

April 2, 2023

Nestled next to the West Bridge in Jupiter, Sawfish Bay Park is known for its preserved historical charm and beautifully located spot with a view of the Jupiter Lighthouse along the Jupiter Inlet and Loxahatchee River. This park includes a small beach to launch kayaks, a fishing pier, picnic benches and other amenities creating an ideal and easily accessible place for family and friends to enjoy the outdoors.

Beginning in the 1970s, natural resources have dwindled due to the cumulative effect humans have had in this area. Historical accounts, dating back to the pioneer days, share the vibrant and active sea life that inhabited this part of the waterway. With the vast decline in the surrounding natural ecosystem, the Town of Jupiter has set a multi-phase project plan to help restore this region.

This will inspire and promote seagrass and oyster growth while contributing to the recovery of threatened and endangered species. This will improve water quality and resiliency of approximately 7,000 total linear feet of shoreline spanning over 30 acres of water.

The marine restoration of Sawfish Bay is an ideal location for enhancing aquatic preservation since the bay area is buffered from heavy marine traffic. In addition to the habitat and resiliency benefits this project will produce, it is expected that the improved fishery will help the population of Jupiter by the projected data analysis showing incline in marine life.

I encourage you to bring your family and friends to enjoy this historical park located on Jupiter Florida’s beautiful Inlet!

Click the link to learn more about the project on the Town of Jupiter’s website:

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