The Revival Of Snowbird Season

October 3, 2021

As snowbird season approaches, it has many of us wondering how it will compare to last year. It seemed to be a mixed decision for many as Covid-19 waves in warm-weather Florida spiked later in the summer, but others are still determined to make the trip regardless this year – especially those who missed the last!

STORAGECafe recently published a study that examined the best destinations for snowbirds in 2021 with Boca Raton, Jupiter, and West Palm Beach ranking first, second and third respectively in the state. It’s no surprise that these spots are most attractive for our sunny skies, laid back atmospheres and accommodable social-distancing opportunities.

With a growing number of snowbirds being vaccinated, experts surely expect more seasonal visitors to head our way this year. The warmer winter weather in Florida is conducive to many snowbirds with certain health conditions that manage better in these conditions. People with asthma and heart conditions that require regular exercise routines find it easier to maintain a healthier lifestyle here.

However, one concern for many of the Canadian snowbirds has been the closure of U.S/Canada borders to non-essential travel. But where there is a will, there is a way!

A survey conducted by Snowbird Advisor reported 90% of the estimated 1 million snowbirds who travel annually from Canada say they will head for warmer areas compared with 30% last year. Most plan to fly if they can’t drive over the border and will have their cars shipped to their destination.

So get ready, Florida – the snowbirds will be back! The economic boost they will provide to our local communities will be invaluable as they will fill restaurants, retail stores, and rent homes from owners like you!

If I can ever be of any help to you or any snowbird friends that are looking to stay here for the season or a lifetime, I would be happy to speak with them!