The Best Time To Buy – Is It Now?

May 6, 2019

You may have seen recent advertisements about now being the best time for home buyers and refinancing homeowners to enter the market. You may have thought to yourself how you’ve heard that many times in the past. But before you discredit that last commercial you saw, let me attest to the market’s 14-month-low rates.

Fortunately, the numbers don’t lie, friends. Mortgage rates have been dropping since late 2018 and people are starting to notice – and take action. In addition to these low rates, industry leaders are now offering enticing programs to include zero-down loans and new underwater refinance options.

But how long can this continue? No one can answer that question with complete accuracy, but we know it won’t be forever. When mortgage rates hit a 63-week low and bottomed out towards 4% in early April, the industry saw its biggest drop in nearly 10 years. But since then, rates have been slowly creeping upward and a correction may be underway.

Regardless, today’s rates are still ridiculously low. Therefore, if you are considering a home purchase or even a refinance, do not keep waiting for lower rates. Rates surely seem to jump faster than they fall. It’s safe to say these may be the best rates the industry sees in 2019.

At the very least, you should give me a call so that we can discuss all of the factors involved in the process. Your individual need is unique and should be handled as such. I would be happy to explain to you more about the mortgage system and connect you with trusted sources for expert service.