Hurricane Preparedness

May 7, 2018

After a devastating hurricane season in 2017, the National Weather Service has bumped up its efforts to raise awareness for National Hurricane Preparedness Week. 

In this nationwide campaign, the National Weather Service will use the week of May 6-13 to inform the public about hurricane hazards and disseminate information which can be used to prepare and take action.

Here are a few tips to start your preparations:

  1. Determine your risk – Coastal areas are not the only places threatened by hurricanes, as the impacts can affect areas that are far inland. Tornadoes and flooding are top concerns for those further inland.
  2. Stock up now – Avoid the panic and endless lines in stores for food and water. Put away enough non-perishable food, water and medicine to last each family member for at least one week. Also think about having extra cash, batteries, flashlights, solar-powered USB chargers and battery-powered radios on hand now.
  3. Develop an evacuation plan – Depending on the severity of the storm and your location, you may be mandated to evacuate. Where will you go? What will you do with your pets? These are the plans you should start making now before it gets hectic.

Being aware is not being prepared.  However, by acknowledging your vulnerability and creating a plan, you can significantly reduce the effects of a hurricane disaster. Hurricane season starts June 1 in Florida, so use this month to get prepared!

For more information, please visit the National Weather Service’s website: