Home Organization Projects To Tackle

April 27, 2020


As we are all staying home a bit more these days, it’s important for us to stay busy to avoid cabin fever! If you’re anything like me, there always seems to be an endless list of home projects to tackle anyway.

But where do you start?

Getting yourself organized is always a good start no matter what other type of home project you may be starting. There are a few areas of your home that tend to build up the most clutter. We find ourselves buying duplicate products because we don’t what we currently have, or not even knowing where that new sweater you bought 2 months ago is hiding.

Here are three places in your home to kick off your organization project:

  1. Kitchen Cabinets
  • Because we spend so much time in the kitchen, we are sometimes rushed to put things away in the appropriate places and then have trouble finding them later. Maybe there are a few appliances you find yourself using more often lately that can be moved to a more convenient location. Use this time to organize the Tupperware you can never find the covers for or even go so far to alphabetize your spices!
  1. Bathroom Vanity
  • How many times have you bought an extra body wash or bottle of shampoo just to find 2 of them stuck in the back corner of your bathroom vanity? You can use this time to not only do an inventory of what bath and body products you may need, but also find crafty solutions to better organize smaller items like cotton swabs, hair elastics and makeup.
  1. Closets
  • For some people, this could be a long-term project in itself! Closets are notorious for hiding everything you need to find just when you need to find it. Take some time to go through all of the closets in your home including your linen closet, pantries and of course, your bedroom closets.


While it may be exciting at first to start these projects, it’s easy to get frustrated or distracted quickly.  Once you start working in one area, stay there until it’s complete. Take breaks as needed so you don’t overload yourself.

Don’t get discouraged if it takes you longer than anticipated. Remember, the sense of accomplishment is nothing compared to the time it may take you.

Making it a priority to organize these few key places in your home will also have a positive effect to your mental and emotional health. You’ll also relieve stress by knowing what you have and where it is!