Get Techy With Your Home

October 27, 2022

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The best examples of smart home technology provide convenience and efficiency at unheard-of levels. Imagine controlling every aspect of your home’s functionality from a single app on your smartphone, and you’ve got the right picture.


Feeling safe and secure in our home own is very important. Technology allows us to monitor our home through camera systems – indoor and outdoor. A home alarm system can also be installed with sensors on doors and windows that can immediately alert you and the local police of any intrusions. Automatic door locks are also a great choice for families and busy professionals that may forget to lock up on their way out – or are always losing their keys! Automatic door locks can be controlled remotely and allow entry to others when needed.

Electricity Efficiency

Incorporating technology into your home can increase the efficiency of the utilities in your home. Special light bulbs, outlets and timers permit you to control the lights in your home from anywhere in the world, program timers, and have them automatically turn on when you get home. Smart thermostats will also help to keep your home at the perfect temperature by learning your habits and automatically adjust the settings as needed. Most of these technologies come with tracking apps that can provide feedback on how you can cut down on electricity use and other areas.


Technology provides us many things but one of the most common factors is convenience. Life can be fast-paced and as we age, some common daily tasks require a bit more energy. Simple technologies such as a robotic vacuum or remote blinds can be a tremendous help.


Fitting your home to be tech smart isn’t as complicated as it may seem, nor that expensive. If you’re looking for more ideas, let’s chat about what I’ve seen my clients use in their home and where to learn more!