FPL Provides More Than Electricity

September 9, 2019

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It’s one of the few things all Floridians have in common – a monthly bill from FPL.

But it’s more than that.

It’s an incredible resource for when it comes to activities related to storms and hurricanes.


The Florida Power and Light (FPL) website (www.FPL.com) provides information to help Florida residents prepare for storms and hurricanes with preparedness checklists, interactive guides, safety tips and more for both your home and business.

Everyone likes to be informed. And that’s why FPL gives you the option to choose what communications they send to you and how. You can receive text, voice or email alerts for several incidents including outage alerts, maintenance alerts, and special updates including hurricane restoration info and energy saving tips.

After a storm, FPL also offers several ways for its customers to receive information on resources and recovery efforts. Residents have access to real-time maps of incidents and can discover what local stores including gas stations, restaurants and more are open in your community. They provide evacuation routes and information related to specific evacuation zone as well as information on local shelters.

Many tools are available that can also help you and your family get back to normal as quickly as possible. There are links on their website to help you notify friends and family out of state and even internationally that you are safe, get financial assistance and/or help with an insurance claim.

So next time you get your monthly bill from FPL – consider it more than electric bill and more as an endless resource during this hurricane season. With 2 more months remaining with possible storm threats, I know I am grateful to have FPL working for us. Be sure to take a few minutes to review their website for the many resources, as well as update your contact information and communication preferences.