5 Reasons to List Your Home During The Holidays

November 16, 2018

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While it may be the busiest time of the year for some, the holidays are actually a great time of the year to sell your home!

Here are five great reasons to list your home during the holidays:

  1. People looking for a home during the holiday tend to be more serious buyers and have more time to look for the property versus a normal work week.
  2. There are fewer homes on the market at this time which means less competition for yours. Less competition also means more money in your pocket!
  3. Once the new year hits, the supply of listings dramatically increases and creates more competition and less demand for your home. Less demand is less money in your pocket!
  4. Many people are looking to purchase a property prior to the end of the year for tax purposes.
  5. January is the month that employees begin new jobs and employees that need to relocate cannot wait until the spring to buy. Making your home available on the market attracts these buyers.

If you have been considering selling your home this year but have hesitated on pulling the trigger, don’t worry – you still have time! There are so many more perks to listing your home on the market and I would be happy to further explain this to you.

Let’s sit down and discuss the potential for your home and I will explain exactly how we can get it sold before the new year!